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An Overdue Solution to the Opioid Epidemic: 
Reducere™ - a proper tapering calculator

Seattle, Washington - January, 2019:

Kardiia LLC launches the Reducere™ application that promises help for medical practitioners to properly, accurately, and safely taper patients off of opioid medications.

Opioids - A nationwide epidemic that long awaited a simple and well thought out solution

Reducere™ is now available to be leveraged!

Reducere™ is proprietary technology produced by Kardiia LLC.  As of today, this app is the only tool of its kind outputting an extraordinary accurate tapering schedule within seconds.  The medical professional (user) inputs three basic fields of information; the application then outputs a proper tapering schedule based on the specified need.

The Reducere™ application provides a proper opioid prescription, accurate duration of treatment, and the exact number of pills required to safely taper patients off the risky medication.

Reducere™ leaves nothing to question. Medical professionals can select tapering schedules based on percentages per unit of time (day / week / month), or they can select a desired end date to stop prescribing. Reducere™ will handle the rest.

“A tapering calculator has been talked about in the medical industry yet no viable options have ever been created. Therefore, we decided to bring genius minds together in order to create this much needed solution,” says Dr Beno Kuharich, DO. “Not only are we providing a resource for practitioners to safely and conveniently taper patients off of opioids, we are also donating a portion of the profits to support individuals needing alternative or complementary therapy for pain treatment.”

Medical professionals are feeling the pressure to taper these medications without the familiarity and expertise to properly do so. To aid in this problem, the Reducere™ application outputs an extremely elegant schedule for the practitioner, the EMR, the patient, and the patient's family to reference as the patient tapers off of the opioid medication.

Reducere™ is an invaluable, ad free, tool for any practitioner needing to accurately decrease patients opioids. Reducere™ can also be used by patients and families to start the tapering discussion with their provider. The speed, ease and accuracy of the output achieved in the Reducere™ application simply can not be achieved otherwise.

The Reducere™ application is now available on both iOS and Android! It is designed for practitioners to reference when prescribing an opioid tapering schedule to their patients. Download it now via

About Kardiia LLC (parent company)

Kardiia is a company created by highly conscious individuals who believe in the power of unity and whose mission is to empower everyone to reach their fullest potential. Kardiia is committed to giving back to the community by donating a portion of the Reducere™ application’s profits. They are also accepting charitable donations to further support individuals needing alternative or complementary pain therapy, pain treatment, or other patient needs not covered by insurance.

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