Jeilymar Brady - Founder / CEO

〉Jeilymar (jay-lee-mar) is a young, Puerto Rican bornAmerican philanthropic entrepreneur, engineer, philanthropist, and psychologist who loves problem-solving and helping others optimize their lives.

〉She holds an academic background in Computer Science and Psychology, a professional User Experience Researcher turned entrepreneur with a strong passion to help people, particularly through technology.

〉For additional information please reference: Jeilymar Brady on LinkedIn

Dr Beno Kuharich, DO - Inventor / Knowledge Expert

〉Dr Kuharich holds two board certifications including one in Pain Management. In addition to co-creating Reducere other relevant activities in this space include a lecture series for physicians in training and in practice, national publications of opioid tapering protocols and workflows, national advisory board contributions for limiting opioids, an opioid free practice example for any other physician to visit and model after, drafting of opioid policies within his community and providing a full spectrum of non opioid pain treatment options.

〉For additional information please reference: Dr Beno Kuharich on LinkedIn or at The Doctors Clinic

〉With Dr Kuharich's background, he is frequently consulted to provide guidance for opioid monitoring and tapering. Instead of waiting for a referral to a pain specialist who may or may not be able to give advice in a timely manner, individuals in the medical space now have access to the Reducere™ technology

Kardiia LLC - parent company

〉Kardiia is a company created by highly conscious individuals who believe in the power of unity and whose mission is to empower everyone to reach their fullest potential.

〉Kardiia LLC gives back to individuals by donating a portion of the Reducere™ application’s profits and accepting charitable donations.

〉Donations support individuals needing alternative or complementary therapy for pain treatment, particularly treatments not covered by insurance to further support patients who are tapering off of these medications or have already done so.